May 2018

Best in show

Piper third in group

Raising quality show Mastiffs

Justice first major at 6 months

Hi, my name is Patty Vargas. I raise quality show Mastiffs and Chihuahuas. My first Mastiff was Sasha. I got her from my sister, Cindy Luper, Luper's Country Critters.  I had watched my sister with her Mastiffs and fell in love with the breed. We are very active in the show world. Since then we have acquired two more Mastiffs chosen with patient care and deligence to start my foundation of quality Mastiffs. We have added one of my Sasha/Bo puppies to our foundation. Her name is Athena. My intent is to compliment the breed and produce a line of quality Mastiffs according to breed standards. 

My foundation comes from quality Mastiffs such as Luper's Country Critters, Lazy D, Gropetti, Audley Farm, Lone Star Mastiff, Pallones. I recently added a male from Budapest. He is from Edit Mezo line. 

I have since added Chihuahuas to our ranch. I have always loved the breed and have owned several as a pet. I did a lot of reseach on the breed and decided on contacting Christine Rembolt. I have added two smooth coat Chihuauhuas from her line. They add a lot of fun to our household.

We live on a small ranch. My Mastiffs have approximately 2 acres to run on at all times. They are house dogs though! Yes, with the chihuahuas. I know, 175-200 lb house dogs with 3-6 lb dogs. Makes for an interesting house!They have cows in the pasture right next to them. 

We are very active in the show world. I joined the Tyler kennel club. We had to buy a camper so I could attend shows and have a place for my Mastiffs,Chihuahuas, and I. My husband, Jimi, is very helpful in attending all of our "children".